Upcoming Events

The events listed below are local presentations/events that are natural resource-related and open to the general public. They are not necessarily related to Wild Ones or organized by our chapter.

Container Gardening with Keystone Plants In this presentation, Krista De Cooke will explore container gardening as a potent strategy to combat biodiversity loss. Attendees will learn how to cultivate keystone plants tailored to their growing conditions and suitable for small spaces, using ecoregions as a guide for plant selection. Krista will showcase plant species that will be suitable for level II ecoregions across the United States and Canada, highlighting their potential to support native biodiversity and serve as crucial refueling stops for pollinators. She will also emphasize the concept of Keystone Plants, species that form the backbone of local ecosystems by providing essential insect food. By incorporating these keystone plants, attendees will be able to actively contribute to the restoration of native biodiversity and address the urgent issue of ecosystem collapse. Joining this presentation will allow participants to make a meaningful impact on biodiversity regeneration, one container at a time. Thank you to our sponsors, Reinvent Your Waste, NiSource, and East Central Energy. We appreciate your support!

Where: Online Event, Facebook Event Here

When: Tuesday, May 21st at 1pm

Photo Reference: Bee pollinator attracted to a native lupine plant located near Iola, WI